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DatePicker for LiveCode LiveCode Commercial
by www.FlexibleLearning.com

img The professional date selector for
img Mac OS X
img Windows 7
img Windows 8
img Windows 10
img Linux *
quote Everything you could want in a calendar widget! ~ Bob Sneider, Santa Ana, California
DatePicker provides date selection popups that are are non-blocking for graceful, uninterrupted work-flow. They use callbacks so you can dynamically respond to user actions during display for enhanced functionailty. Month and day names are shown in the local language, dates can be disabled, memos can be included, and selection can be single, multiple or a range.

You can offer 2 styles of popup according to your application requirements, and webpage calendars can be generated reflecting the same variety of display options...

Fully-featured popups...

img img img img

img img img

Simple popups...

img img img

Web page calendars...

img img
* some features may be platform dependant
quote DatePicker is just the solution I have been looking for. The days of rolling my own calendar stacks are long gone. DatePicker is flexible enough to handle all of my needs for date ranges, single dates, and custom date formats. DatePicker has all of what I need and more, without the 'more' getting in my way when I don't need it. Save yourself time and get a calendar solution that just works." ~ Andrew Kluthe, St. Louis, USA
Professional date selection and validation, easily...
DatePicker is a cross-platform library solution, designed to extend the already powerful LiveCode Desktop SDK so you can add professional date validation in your own work. It comes with DatePicker Utility, a point and click wizard that uses DatePicker to display ad-hoc palettes and web calendars for testing and coding help. Whether a simple single-date selector or a fully-featured palette, DatePicker can do it. Without fuss.
with scriptable syntax...
DatePicker's syntax is straightforward, default settings are applied if you omit anything or if it cannot understand, and it will always try to correctly interpret the data you supply. Like CSS, you can apply the properties in any order. Easy access documentation includes tips, explanations and examples of each syntax command.
The wizard...

DatePicker wizard
that creates the required syntax for a 'quick copy' solution...

DatePicker wizard

DatePicker is an appropriate solution if you want to...

  • Offer different levels of functionality.
  • Select dates using a simple 'Click On, Click Off'.
  • Support a local language interface.
  • Supply and obtain dates in any date format.
  • Provide full control over disabled dates.
  • Limit date selections between any two dates.
  • Support Single, Multiple and Range date selections.
  • Include dated memos for reference.
  • Revert the date selection at any time.
  • Show the selected dates with dropdown access.
  • Respond dynamically to palette events.
  • Support historical years.
quote Following the stunning 'ChartMaker for LiveCode', Hugh Senior delivers once again with 'DatePicker for LiveCode'... A practical, comprehensive, robust yet easy-to-use and user-friendly solution to date manipulation which is not always a simple problem. Not a problem any more. ~ Dr. Yves Coppe, Belgium


DatePicker... a LiveCodeTM library for Desktop software development
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