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DatePicker for LiveCode
by www.FlexibleLearning.com



To remind you of the features and benefits...

  • Offer a plain or fully-featured level of functionality.
  • Select and de-select dates using a simple 'Click On, Click Off'.
  • Show Day and Month names in the native language.
  • Supply and obtain dates in any standard or aribitrary format.
  • Provide full control over enabled and disabled dates and days.
  • Optionally limit the selection of calendars between any two dates.
  • Support Single, Multiple and Range date selections.
  • Attach memos to specific days and dates for reference.
  • Revert the date selection at any time.
  • Show the number of selected dates with dropdown access.
  • Respond dynamically to palette events in your own program.
  • Support historical years.


Single User licence
Price for Personal & Commercial use: 49 *
* See terms for full details. Please note that we can only issue a licence to an individual's name and email address - corporate and shared licences are not available. We can only send the registration keys to the email address you provide when you order. When you receive your keys, enter the details when you next see the 'Reminder' in the program.

If you do not receive your keys within 24 hours, please contact us









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