UTILITY Spellchecker for LiveCode
SIZE 390k
- A self-contained, "single-pass" spellcheck utility including a 130,000 word Main dictionary, customisable User dictionary, import/export list, multiple suffix options, "No error" reponse preferences.
- spellCheck.mc is based on straight Xtalk functionality. Speed will depend on your processor.
- The "custom word list" folder is purely optional and included only so you can use the import /export popup more easily.
- spellCheck.mc is designed for use as a shared utility in order to make spell checking available in all your stacks.


To implement the spellCheck stack
First of all, your own stack needs to be able to find the spellCheck stack. Put spellCheck.rev in the same directory as your LiveCode application program. Then...

Method 1
Use this syntax in your own stack:

send "spellCheck <TextToCheck>" to stack "spellCheck"
Example 1:
on closeField
  put me into tStr
  send "spellCheck tStr" to stack "spellCheck"
end closeField
Example 2:
on checkSpelling
  put fld 1 && fld 2 into tStr
  send "spellCheck tStr" to stack "spellCheck"
end checkSpelling
Method 2
Put this in your openStack handler:
"start using stack spellCheck"
on closeField
  put me into tStr
  spellCheck tStr
end closeField"
The rest is automatic. Misspellings are reported in a dialog list with "Cancel", "Learn" and "Edit" options. You can choose which words you want it to "learn" by using non-contiguous line selection.
Note: There is a brief delay the first time it is called while the dictionaries are initialised.

To open the Custom Dictionary
Since changes are shown dynamically you can leave the spellCheck stack open while working:

on openDictionary
  palette "spellCheck"
end openDictionary

If you do modify the program for your own use, please advise me so I can maintain and support the utility appropriately.

No responsibility or liability whatsoever of any kind under any circumstances is assumed or accepted. It is provided entirely on an AS IS basis and you use it entirely at your own risk. To the best of my knowledge, the word list contents are public domain.
This is Goodwillware so you can use it in personal and non-profit making situations only. You may pass the utility on to others or make it available to others but you must include this accompanying documentation in its entirety. You may not sell it, use it for profit or include it in any for-profit programs without the express permission of the author.

©June, 1999
Hugh Senior
The Flexible Learning Company
eMail: support@FlexibleLearning.com