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ChartMaker for LiveCode
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ChartMaker... a LiveCodeTM library for Desktop and iOS software development
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Inform your audience with 'Dashboards' for data analysis...
Integrate ChartMaker's presentation and management features in your own 'dashboards' for data analysis and information reporting.

See Dashboard examples...


Professional charts, easily...
ChartMaker is a fully cross-platform library solution for Desktop and iOS, designed to extend the already powerful LiveCode SDK so you can create and present professional charts in your own work. It comes with ChartMaker Utility, a point and click wizard that uses ChartMaker to create ad-hoc charts along with the required syntax for you, along with a built-in Chart Restorer that lists thumbnails of existing charts so you can update them, as well as chart archiving. From a simple pie chart to data-bound multi-view presentations, ChartMaker can do it...
quoteChartMaker is amazing! It does everything I need with grace and ease, meanwhile suggesting even better ways to display my data. Absolutely belongs in your toolbox!" ~ George C Brackett, USA
with scriptable syntax...
ChartMaker's syntax is straightforward, default settings are applied if you omit anything or if it cannot understand, and it will always try to correctly interpret the data you supply. Like CSS, you can apply the properties in any order, even using variables and constants. Easy access documentation includes tips, explanations and examples of each syntax command.
The wizard...

ChartMaker wizard
can even restore old charts...

ChartRestorer, part of the utility
and create the required syntax for a 'quick copy' solution...

quoteI've used CharMaker for a set of school-based applications. It is very easy to use, with very clear documentation and the help of the wizard Utility. The charts it generates are fantastic and professional, and I invite everybody who has an interest in chart making to try this exceptional tool." ~ Yves Coppe, Belgium
and moving charts for dynamic data...
ChartMaker is re-draw optimized so charts can be dynamically updated in real time. This means it is ideal for data-modelling to show 'what happens if'. And because they can be interactive, charts can be visually compelling...


Click here for a SCREENCAST MOVIE. Your computer may need your permission to open the page.

quoteChartMaker is an ideal tool for beginner and advanced users wishing to create graphical representations of number series. The wizard is ideal for a quick start by helping you intuitively and almost instantly find a first solution that can be progressively improved. Since there are good examples in the download, you get lots of ideas for a professional look. The wizard also gives you the script that produces the result, and with the detailed documentation you can extend the power of LiveCode with ChartMaker's syntax. Everyone who uses LiveCode needs this!" ~ Till Bandi, Switzerland


ChartMaker is an appropriate solution if you want to...

  • Intuitively create flexible chart graphics
  • Use 'Point and Click' or fully scripted options
  • Integrate charts in layouts
  • Specify plot dimensions and chart position to fit your design
  • Display bi-color gradient fill backgrounds
  • Choose plain 2D or fancy tonal graphics
  • Specify max/min range
  • Quickly make display and data changes
  • Copy charts to the clipboard
  • Save charts to an image file
  • Print your work as a PDF file
  • Apply calculated values
  • Specify constants
  • Draw charts using formulae
  • Animate dynamic data
  • Apply visual effects
  • Selectively display data sub-sets ('data binding')
  • Differentiate between zero and null values
  • Flip or transpose charts for the alternative view
  • List and update existing charts
  • Store chart definitions in a compact archive
  • Recover old chart data and settings



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