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Control Manager and Field Formmatter have been discontinued. The Scripter's Scrapbook, popular and widely used for over 20 years, has also been withdrawn from service and is also no longer available. It is recommended that you use the built-in export feature to future-proof your Entries. Archive copies of both ChartMaker and DatePicker remain available if you require replacement copies, but no further product releases will be made and technical support is no longer available. However, as LiveCode continues to evolve beyond v7, compatibility issues may eventually arise although ChartMaker is proving to be a solid technology.
July 2019

CHARTMAKER Archive The de-facto charting software for LiveCode.
LC Indy or Commercial required.
DATEPICKER Archive Highly customisable popup calendars in your software.
LC Indy or Commercial required.
FREECLOCK Free Easy to read desktop clocks for Mac, Windows and Linux
TYPING FILTER Free Google-style item matching as you type. Fast and powerful. 40,000 item source example included
LiveCode UTILITY STACKS Free Maybe something of interest, use or a 'how to' for you
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